About Thames Education Expert

Thames Education Expert was founded in Year 2000. As an Education Consultant that specializes in serving clients mainly 15 – 20 year old students who wish to study abroad, we are working with a global network of accredited partner universities abroad.

At Thames, we pride ourselves on offering students to unlock their full potentials as if they are studying overseas. We see each and every student as a unique individual who requires personal attention, especially during their preparation plan to study abroad. We strongly believe that a one on one consultation with our education experts will determine the right choice of high school or university abroad.

Globally recognized for its excellence, international education abroad combines a modern approach with time-tested values. Student will have full access to both critical knowledge and valuable life skills, including independent thinking, self-reliance, self- discipline and strong work ethics. As a result, all graduates of international qualifications from UK are sought-after by multinational companies worldwide.

As a customer-centric organization, Thames sets a precedent by providing high-quality consultation and Foundation Programme for the benefit of students and their future careers. We are committed to providing every student a chance to study overseas at the best high school and university.

“In a world of life-long learning, international education is a first-class ticket for life.”